accounting & audit

Auswild & Co's team of professional accountants are experienced in providing a broad range of accounting and assurance services for a variety of businesses. Our specialist accountants work together with your business to prepare financial, management and audit reports in an efficient and effective manner in order to provide maximum value to your business and enable you to meet your obligations, whilst having minimal impact on you and your team.

As part of our assurance services we can also complete regular reviews of your accounting records and internal control procedures to look for anomalies or to recommend changes that we feel will increase efficiency or safeguard your business.

Our accounting and assurance services include:

  • Preparation of financial statements and reports for statutory compliance purposes and for management planning and control
  • Regular reviews of accounting records and procedures to ensure accurate results
  • Audit of financial statements where required by statutory or financial bodies and for internal control
  • Evaluation and design of internal control systems
  • Compliance with requirements of ASIC and maintenance of company registers