About Us

Our Philosophy

The success of our practice is dependent on the success of our clients. By maintaining a high ratio of directors to support staff, we can ensure that you experience an exceptional  standard of service from your accounting firm and that a director is readily available to discuss your business concerns with you. This reflects a shared philosophy amongst the directors - the ability to appreciate, understand and support our clients' goals, not only the business and financial aspects, but also in terms of general lifestyle. Read more about each of our directors.

Our Commitment To you

Auswild & Co are your partners in running better, more profitable businesses. In order to achieve this we aim to provide your business with the very best professional service and advice. To ensure you receive efficient, effective and timely information and advice, each client is allocated to a director who will personally communicate with you on all areas of your business. Communication is essential so we discuss and review each assignment with you at key stages.

Keeping Our Clients Informed

To keep you informed and up to date with the changing world of business, we send regular newsletters that cover current issues of interest.


In addition, we hold client private briefings at our premises. These informal sessions provide a chance for our clients to meet each other and to hear talks on pertinent issues.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading accounting firms servicing the needs of the motor industry. Each year, directors from our firm attend the NADA convention in the US to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the motor industry. AusCAR, one of our newsletters, is sent to Motor Dealer clients regularly. We also cater for a wider range of clientele including small manufacturers, hotels, motels, property investors and developers, tourism, primary producers, retail and wholesale traders, real estate agents, computer consultants, restauranteurs, taxi proprietors, engineers, medical practitioners, dentists, chemists, financiers, car rental firms, share traders, and many other small businesses.